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At New Vision, we understand that the success of corporate exhibitions and events hinges not only on the quality of the presentation but also on the people who represent it. Forget taking your staff away from their day-to-day activities or having to organise the logistics for your staff to travel. Based primarily in London, we are integrated within the city's dynamic corporate scene, yet our reach extends across the UK on request. Whether you're showcasing a new product, launching a marketing campaign, or simply looking to increase brand awareness, our team of highly trained, professional sales staff and brand ambassadors is ready to help you achieve your goals with charisma and expertise.

Our sales staff and brand ambassadors are more than just faces for your brand; they are its voice and personality. They are meticulously selected and trained to understand your business’s ethos and market, ensuring they can engage effectively with your audience and leave a lasting impression. From mastering product demonstrations to skillfully handling queries, our team is adept at creating meaningful interactions and converting interest into tangible results. With New Vision, elevate your next corporate exhibition or event with professionals who drive engagement and deliver results, whether in the heart of London or at prominent venues across the UK.

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Exhibition & Event Staffing

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Exhibition & Event Staffing


Discover how we can help take the effectiveness of your exhibition staffing to the next level

Can your exhibition sales staff generate leads for my business?

Absolutely! Our sales staff and brand ambassadors are trained not just to represent your brand, but also to proactively engage with event attendees to generate leads. By understanding your products and services in-depth, they can effectively identify and capture the interest of potential customers, gathering contact information and qualifying leads based on your criteria. We focus on creating meaningful interactions that convert interest into actionable leads, helping to grow your business.

Can you capture data from interested parties?

Yes, we can! Our staff are equipped to capture data from interested parties at events. We utilise either digital tools such as tablets and apps or traditional methods like forms to collect information efficiently and accurately. This can include contact details, specific interests, and any particular queries or feedback they have about your products or services. This data is invaluable for your follow-up marketing efforts and can be customised to meet any specific requirements you might have.

How can you ensure your staff have the required knowledge to promote my brand?

Before any event, our team undergoes detailed brand-specific training which includes learning about your company's history, mission, products, and services, as well as any key messages you wish to communicate. We also focus on product demonstrations and FAQs to ensure they can handle queries confidently. Additionally, we provide ongoing support and updates to our staff to keep them informed about any changes or new developments in your offerings. This rigorous preparation ensures that our staff act as true representatives of your brand, equipped to engage knowledgeably with attendees and deliver your message effectively.

What does it cost to have a salesperson promote my brand at an exhibition or event?

The cost of having a salesperson promote your brand at an exhibition or event can vary based on several factors including the location of the event, the duration of the event, the level of expertise required, and any specific training needed for your brand. Generally, we offer customisable packages that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and budget. To provide a precise quote, we would need more detailed information about the event and your expectations. We encourage you to contact us directly so we can understand your needs better and offer a solution that maximises value of your investment.

How much notice is needed to guarantee our brand ambassador availability for a chosen exhibition or event?

To ensure the availability of our brand ambassadors for your chosen exhibition or event, we recommend providing as much notice as possible, ideally at least 4 weeks in advance. This time frame allows us to select the most suitable ambassadors for your brand, complete any specialized training that may be required, and prepare thoroughly to meet your specific needs. Early planning also helps in logistics management, especially for events that are outside of London or during busy seasons when demand for experienced staff is high. However, we do our best to accommodate last-minute requests and can often mobilise our resources quickly thanks to our extensive network of professionals.

What London exhibition venues can you provide salespeople and brand ambassadors to?

We are equipped to provide salespeople and brand ambassadors to a wide range of exhibition venues across London. Some of the prominent venues we service include: ExCeL London: which is known for hosting a variety of trade shows, consumer exhibitions, and corporate events. Olympia London: a venue that offers a beautiful setting for events ranging from art fairs to tech expos. The Business Design Centre: one of the city's most popular conference and exhibition spaces located in Islington. Additionally, we also cover events at The London Convention Centre and other event spaces across the city. No matter the location, our team is ready to represent your brand with professionalism and enthusiasm.


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