At New Vision Digital Marketing, we specialise in creating scroll-stopping digital experiences for ambitious brands. Our innovative and multilingual team of experienced professionals are at hand to provide mission-critical marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our agency was founded in 2021 and is based in Chelmsford, Essex. We take pride in our refined process for graphic design, branding, user experience design, web development, marketing and photography and video that make our clients stand out from the competition.
We offer a collaborative and open-minded approach to every project, and our clear process of "strategise, design, develop" ensures that we deliver an end result that packs the right punch and reaches the right audiences. Our team is centred on providing the best possible outcome for your project. We value ourselves on a superior level of quality and stringent project management, that's why all larger projects are overseen by our dedicated project manager.
With experience in designing for companies in the UK, Spain, and South America, we have a global perspective and can deliver projects that cater to diverse audiences. We are proud to offer deliverables in both English and 'en Español'.
Our vision is to assist over 500 businesses in the UK with digital marketing. If you are a brand that does things differently, you need an agency that does things differently. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business stand out online.

Meet Your Marketing Dream Team

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Rob Main Marketing Agency Director Essex


Marketeer & Webflow Developer


Rob works with our clients to ensure their business goals and new visions are understood and translated into tangible, valuable brand assets that convert prospects.

Past Experience

Since designing and creating his first successful e-commerce store over 10 years ago, Rob has built websites, brand materials and generated sales for businesses of all shapes and sizes. After obtaining a First Class degree in Business and Management, Rob set about building New Vision. Since then, we've helped over 100 businesses to improve their marketing and generate more business.

Hobbies and Interests

When Rob isn't in-front of a screen or two, he spends his time exploring, sailing, camping and disconnecting from technology. He also plays the trumpet for a local Jazz band.

Alex Rawlings Marketing Agency PM in Essex


Project Management


Alex works with our team to ensure our projects stay on track and the team are fully supported in whatever they need in order to deliver great outcomes for our clients.

Past Experience

Rooted in marketing and creative project delivery for over 20 years, she has led teams within insurance, software and community interest projects. From strategy to execution, Alex has experience and skills across the whole marketing and project management field ensuring she can get to the heart of a task quickly and efficiently.

Hobbies and Interests

Alex works as a local school governor in her own time and well as delivering a local community craft club to young children. If you want to pique her interest, tell her a ghost story or share your favourite true crime podcast with her!


JP Marketing Agency Designer in Essex

Juan Pablo

Lead Creative Designer


As a Lead Creative Designer, JP brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our team. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for innovative design, he ensures that every project exceeds expectations.

Past Experience

Juan has worked on a wide range of creative projects globally over the past 10 years. From photography to video game and movie asset creation, this versatility and creative vision has made a lasting impact particularly in Medellin, Colombia where he was born.

Hobbies and Interests

Outside of work, JP submerges himself in architecture, movies, food, music, rugby, and history. These interests fuel his creativity and inspire fresh perspectives in his designs. This dynamic approach and constant thirst for knowledge ensures New Vision's creative direction is constantly advancing, both internally and for our clients.


Content Designer


I’m usually assisting the design and development teams with SEO implementation on web development projects, social media management and filming the company's social media content.

Past Experience

I’ve been in digital marketing for almost 3 years now. Before this apprenticeship, I was working as a marketer in Brentwood, filming reels and editing them for an entrepreneur. I then joined New Vision at the start of the year, and have been happy in the role I’m in now ever since.

Hobbies and Interests

My main hobby is bodybuilding, where I am looking to compete next year in a competition.



Junior Developer


I am a Junior front end developer for New Vision. I get to take the designs from the website design team and create a functional website that works with the database created by our backend developer.

Past Experience

I've worked for numerous years in programming, including working with children and teaching them how to program, building small projects for myself or for competitions. This gave me the necessary tools to work in libraries and programming languages that New Vision work with.

Hobbies and Interests

If I am not programming, I am usually playing ice hockey. I am very interested in expanding my understanding in the "Internet Of Things" space at the moment

Photography & Video


Drone Videographer


Liam utilises years of experience as a versatile photographer, videographer, video editor and a licensed and insured drone videographer. He captures and edits scroll-stopping video marketing for companies in the property, hospitality and events sectors, amongst others.

Past Experience

Since studying media at university, Liam has edited video marketing trailers and documentaries for companies in the UK, Spain and the USA. He has travelled across Europe and the USA to capture live stream events and help companies improve their brand image.

Hobbies and Interests

When Liam isn't out capturing or editing footage, he enjoys hiking, calisthenics and going to the gym. He finds solitude in long walks in the countryside.

Lee Carter

Photographer & Videographer


My main role is as a photographer and Videographer, however I have had a multitude of roles over the years as an editor, director and even as a producer. I’m not afraid to turn my hand to anything!

Past Experience

I’ve worked with a multitude of clients, from the UK’s largest super casino, fashion brands, gyms and co working spaces! I’m passionate about bringing your vision, to life.

Hobbies and Interests

I swim, I bike and I run, sometimes in the same event! And as strange as it may seem, one of my hobbies is photography. I love travelling to new places and capturing moments that will stay with me forever.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

Josh Brand
Brand K-9

"Top quality service. From the get go, Rob took the time to really listen and understand my Brand vision. He put across multiple ideas and worked with exactly what I liked with creative spins and expertise. When I got the 2nd revision I was blown away by the design. I would thoroughly recommend for an honest and reliable company who listens and produces amazing results."

Adam Leatherbarrow
FINC Architects

"Fantastic service and high quality level of work. Fully recommend NV as one of Chelmsford's fastest growing businesses. Rob Main is excellent to deal with and will be using again soon."

Nicole Cook
IBE Score

"We came to this company looking for fresh ways to promote our technology services to smart, savvy folk all over the world who play and organise bridge. We had a concept, but Rob and his team brought it to life, with eye catching graphic design/animation and words that pack a punch. Fantastic, professional - you just feel all round safe when you do business with Rob."

David Wilkinson

"I commissioned a logo for an ornithological group. It was a really awkward brief with a particular species that was so awkward to look right, but the team were so helpful! They communicated well and were responsive and tweaked the image to meet every little need I requested, it was never a problem. I could not have received a better service!"

Liam Ford
The Lawford Group

"We've used New Vision’s services a number of times now including, video filming and production, editing, photography and digital artwork, its only a matter of time before we employ their sales services and marketing management as well, and extremely diverse company that isn't just a jack of all trades, they're certainly a master of them as well."

Jack Harrington-Grace
DAS Finance

"New Vision is a must if you are looking for all round knowledge of online marketing and website design. We were able to give Rob and the team rough ideas and they would stop at nothing to ensure they could make our ideas come to life. New Vision are available and responsive whenever needed and with the support they provide, we would definitely recommend them to any business."

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