South Essex Ringing Group


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Ornithological Group
"I commissioned a logo for an ornithological group. It was a really awkward brief with a particular species that was so awkward to look right, but the team were so helpful! They communicated well and were responsive and tweaked the image to meet every little need I requested, it was never a problem. I could not have received a better service!"
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Liam Ford
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Project Brief

The South Essex Ringing Group, an esteemed ornithological group, approached New Vision to create a fresh and captivating logomark that would embody their organisation's identity. In line with their vision, we sought to incorporate a graphic representation of a Dunnock, a native bird species, while also capturing the essence of Essex through relevant imagery.

Our Approach

Our team meticulously studied the characteristics of Dunnocks, ensuring the design accurately reflected the species. Moreover, we integrated elements reminiscent of Essex, such as the 'three sword' crest, to establish a sense of place and local pride. Through our collaborative process with the South Essex Ringing Group, we successfully crafted a visually striking and meaningful logomark that truly represents their passion for ornithology and their connection to the Essex region.

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