Graphic Design

Business Type
Organic Skincare Retailer
Writeup By
Liam Ford
  • Social Media Post Designs
  • Animated Instagram Reels
  • Caption Creation
  • Brand Storytelling
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Project Brief

New Vision Marketing were tasked with developing a comprehensive social media content strategy for Hearthonia, an online retailer specialising in certified organic skincare products. The objective was to increase brand awareness, engage with the target audience, and drive traffic to the Hearthonia website.

Our Approach

Our approach involved creating a diverse range of content formats, including still posts, graphic albums and animated reels for Instagram, to showcase the brand's products and educate consumers about the benefits of organic skincare. By combining visually appealing imagery, informative captions, and compelling storytelling, we aimed to captivate the audience and establish Hearthonia as a trusted authority in the organic skincare industry.

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