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Car Dealership
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Liam Ford
  • Logomark Creation
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Project Brief

Our team was tasked with creating a new logo for Bishop's Car Sales. The goal of the project was to design a memorable and instantly-recognisable logomark that would effectively represent the brand's values and establish a strong presence in the competitive automotive industry.

Our Approach

Through extensive research and collaboration with the client, our team crafted a logomark that reflects Bishop's Car Sales' commitment to reliability, professionalism, and a seamless car-buying experience. Incorporating sleek and modern design elements, we aimed to create a visual identity that resonates with both existing and potential customers, while also capturing the essence of the automotive industry. The final logo showcases a 'B' car silhouette, with the composition symbolising a 6-speed gearbox. The colour palette combines shades of blue for trustworthiness and stability.

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