St John Payne Student Visit - 'The Apprentice' Day

SJP Business Students visited us to see what a Chelmsford marketing agency does. It was received as ‘a fun insight into a real working environment’ and ‘a great success’.

On Thursday 31st March, New Vision Marketing was joined by 10 A-level Business and Economics students from Saint John Payne Sixth Form in Chelmsford, Essex for ‘The Apprentice’ style activity day; to introduce them to an Essex based marketing agency. 

New Vision Marketing were approached by a tutor at SJP who was interested in giving his sixth form students an ‘experience outside of the normal classroom’ - and we certainly believe we delivered! Naturally, Rob and the other members of NV marketing were excited and set about planning an informative day that engaged and excited local students from Chelmsford.

The day has since been described by students as ‘a fun insight into a real working environment’ and ‘a great success’. Other students exclaimed the apprentice style day was ‘full of life skills’ and ‘good for personal development’. We’re ecstatic with these results, as a core focus of NV Marketing’s values is on innovation and helping young people to exceed their expectations when it comes to personal development.

We crafted a day filled with activities, designed to get students interacting with each other in constructive and competitive aspects. We also wanted to inspire the students, showing them that it is possible to start your own business straight out of education, as shown by our director Rob.

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SJP Student Day
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Rob pointed out that a lot of famous faces such as entrepreneurs, actresses, musicians and sportspeople are often self-employed, and running their own businesses. After a brief discussion regarding entrepreneurship, we asked the students what they wanted to achieve in life, and helped them to see that by running your own business, it can create an opportunity to take charge of your destiny and build the life that you want to live.

Rob started with an intro about New Vision Marketing, giving an intro into the services we provide and how we operate as a new marketing agency in Essex made up of all-under 30s. We then swiftly moved on to get everyone involved and engaged with our fun activity day.

The first game we put to the SJP students was the Elevator Pitch. An elevator pitch is a brief and concise speech that describes what you do (or sell) and what you (or your products) wants to achieve. Your elevator pitch should be short enough to fill a prospect in on all the key details they need to know in just a few-second elevator ride. Each person (including the students’ tutor Mr Falvy!) was assigned an item from the room and instructed to prepare their elevator pitch to present to the room in less than 30 seconds.  According to SJP teachers, the pitching exercise was a favourite!

We had some excellent responses from SJP students, with the benefits of each product being well considered and communicated to all of the other students. Funny items that were being ‘pitched’ included a ladder, a potted plant and a fruit bowl and other so called ‘easier-sell’ items such as iphones and electric scooters.

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The NV Sign with students working
SJP Students plan the apprentice challenge
Everyone discusses sales ideas at SJP Student day

After a quick break to rest and rejuvenate, we then moved onto ‘The Apprentice Challenge’, so called as we sculpted this activity on the well known BBC Programme by the same name. The 10 Saint John Payne students were split into three teams and all assigned to design a clothing brand for the 16-25 niche. The NV team didn’t want to refine the categories any more, as we wanted the students to think about appropriate market segmentations for their demographic.

Each team was given around 1.5 hours in total to develop their initial concept, branding, market segmentation, marketing channels and even a couple of sample product ideas and a social media advert concept - all day to day responsibilities at our Essex marketing agency.

Team 1 came up with a handy fold-away clothing brand called hold & wear, conveniently designed to be portable yet fashionable - ideal for the active young person attending festivals or exploring the outdoors this summer.

Team 2 designed a cool brand focussed on mountain biking, aiming to tap into the 53% of teenagers that have access to a bike in the UK. The USPs included breathable yet trendy designs, designed to be both functional and fashionable. 

Team three coined that there was no specific brand or market leader for smart-casual sixth form wear. Often students resort to visiting high-street brands such as Primark or M&S, and these students realised a good angle would be to make a brand specifically designed to help sixth-formers express themselves and their individuality whilst still being smart and compliant with relevant school clothing regulations.

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Students working on ideas
Working space at the NV Office
NV Sign and students

Overall, it was a fun packed day for students, teachers and the NV team. Overall the responses from students and staff were very positive and all students recommend that we do it again for other years!

The day was described as very descriptive and involving in explanations of sales techniques and the thinking behind them. Luckily the students found our references relatable, and our approaches welcoming. Comments noted by the students found some felt ‘more confident and innovative’ after our session, which is an absolute result for NV Marketing! As we’re an under 30s company, part of the 4 day work week campaign and partnering with Chelmsford College to deliver the new T-Level placements, helping students become more confident and innovative is one of our main social aims of New Vision.

A word from Mr T Coen, SJP Headteacher

“Thank you for welcoming our Business Studies students to visit you. The students have spoken with great enthusiasm of the experience and insights they gained into sales & marketing. They clearly enjoyed the range of activities you provided.”

“In addition to supporting their preparations for this year's public examinations, your visit will help us achieve the Gatsby benchmarks that schools are required to meet within their duty to provide independent careers advice and guidance.”

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