Choosing the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Chelmsford

Find the right digital marketing agency for your Essex business. This blog will show you what to look for when choosing digital marketing experts in Chelmsford

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.....

Digital marketing is one of the most saturated industries in 2022.

Social media marketing and website design agencies in Chelmsford have never been easier to reach at the click of a button

However, there is so much noise in the digital marketing world, it can be hard to know where to turn, when trawling through hundreds of websites you've found on Google, Bing and Facebook.

We understand.

We’re on a mission to cut the noise and help your brand transmit a clear, consistent signal to current and new audiences.

The digital marketing industry, especially in Chelmsford, Essex and across the United Kingdom, is extremely competitive. It is not hard to find agencies that can and will promise the earth, however finding a digital marketing company that will deliver is not always as easy.

After hearing many stories from our clients, we were certain on what we had to do:

1. Cut the noise
2. Focus on providing consistent value to clients and their customers
3. Never lose sight of customer goals

We went on a mission to move away from empty promises in our digital marketing strategies for Chelmsford businesses. Instead of focusing on what we can’t control, we instead now work with businesses to leverage everything in their power to create marketing strategies that actually work, with the help of our digital marketing experts!

Whether you are are B2B company, an eCommerce store, charity or start-up, we create marketing strategies built with your goals in mind, and measured against strict KPIs and ROI to ensure that New Vision Marketing agency is bringing you more value for money than other digital marketing agencies in Essex.

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Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency in Chelmsford, Essex

When looking for a digital marketing agency to assist your business, there are a few things you may want to ask yourself to save time, frustration (and money!) later on:

Has the digital marketing agency got a proven record:

Any marketing agency says it can deliver results… but have you seen them? Are their clients available to see on their portfolio? Do they have genuine reviews online? Do they reference their testimonials with personal appointments?


A lot of digital marketing agencies cover many market sectors, as we often solve common issues and areas of misunderstanding which transcend sectors. It may be worth considering using an agency in your niche if you have specific requirements. E.g. If you are a dentist, maybe you will choose to use a company that has previously worked with dentists. However, remember if you work with the ‘go-to’ in the industry - remember they may not be able to bring you anything ‘fresh’ or innovative. These times, maybe you’d do better to reach out to an agency that hasn't worked in your field as they can have a whole multitude of ideas and a new perspective, unseen before in the industry.  


It can be handy having an agency that offers every service going. One point of contact, a great understanding of company progress and situation etc. However, you may wish to split services between agencies that specialise, or between partner digital marketing agencies who can share expertise within the field. By using agencies that partner with others, you can be sure to get a mix of advice and expertise, based on the real world experience of more digital marketing experts.

Realistic Promises:

Is everything I’m being told sounding reasonable? Many of us have seen examples of people, products and places ‘blowing up’ on the internet. Overnight they’ve gone from a market stall to owning a shopping mall…. However, it isn’t always the agencies doing the hard work. Ensure that when any marketing proposal is provided to you, make sure the digital marketing expert has factored in how their strategy and actions will yield results that fit in with your business’s goals. Good questions include ‘What KPIs will you monitor?’, ‘What channels do you predict the most tangible results from’ and ‘How can you guarantee me results within the first 3 months?’.

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Lowest cost isn’t always best:

I stress this to my clients and prospects often. I can state hand on heart, that if you want to find marketing cheaper elsewhere than New Vision; you always can. There are many one-man bands, sole traders and stay-at-home mums and dads who can offer ‘marketing assistance’ at a low cost when you need it (either in the UK or from far abroad on online platforms). Although these offers can be great, please don’t mistake this for ‘all you need for digital marketing’. Although additional help is great, you must ensure you have a well-thought out (and ideally expert-led) marketing campaign which is specifically designed in order to reach your target market in the most cost-effective manner.

Quote for Quote

Remember, once you have a price for a project, make sure you are comparing like-for-like. Yes, both digital marketing agencies have stated they will build you a four page website, but check the timeframes, payment terms, and most importantly; the standard of work. Often people will go for a £600 website rather than a £900 website as they think they are saving £300. Well…. Yes…. you are….. Until the website is live. Often, the extra money you are paying will go to backend development that you can’t always see (e.g. Google analytics setup, sitemap submission to google, SEO, correct server setup, personalised privacy policies).

All these factors help you rank higher on Google, which will bring you more exposure and traffic. So to summarise, yes you may save £300 in the short term, your site is likely to under-perform once live (unfortunately something we digital marketing experts see too often) costing not only in business not received, but also additional costs then to go back and correct wrongs that were made or simply not done. So New Vision’s expert marketing agency advice is to make sure you are comparing like for like, and consider the value of the project once complete.

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Support & Reporting:

You need a digital marketing agency that will understand your pain points and listen to your struggles, so that they can take the weight off your shoulders. When getting in touch initially, are they proactive? Are they quick? Do they seem interested in your business? If the answer is no already…. Imagine what they’ll be like once started on your project. If an agency is showing any signs of lacking when it comes to promised data, it can be hard for you to tell what is working for you and what isn't, meaning your marketing strategies will be less cost-effective. Two-way communication is a key factor in successfully outsourcing your business’s marketing strategy and management.

If you found this article helpful, great!

We know it can be a minefield when searching for the best digital marketing agency near you. Hopefully this list of things to watch out for will help you choose the right digital marketing expert in Essex.

Please check out other articles on our blog for more free advice and tips for progressing your business to the next level.

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