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Hot Lead Generation for your company, so you can focus on what you enjoy.

At NV Sales, we help businesses increase their customer base and brand awareness with hot leads through both traditional and innovative direct marketing.

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From conversations to conversions.

Our bespoke sales solutions are innovative and tailored to your company's needs.

We increase your ROI while reaching new audiences & creating long term connections between you and your supporters.

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Lead Generation for Businesses in Essex

New Vision Marketing Agency is one of the leading B2B lead generation providers in Chelmsford, Essex. We use our skills in sales strategy, sales cycles, sales processes and sales methodology to generate hot and relevant business leads and marketing leads for your enterprise. Our lead generation agency is all about helping you grow your inbound marketing strategy so that you can focus your time on areas of your business that you enjoy most.

Lead generation is arguably the most tangible form of business growth. Rather than measuring results in likes and comments, lead generation is all about providing your business with the data of an interested party… whilst they are looking for your services.

Picture this, if you have an endless stream of people interested in your services, you’re in a powerful position. You can fill your capacity and turn people away, or raise prices to reduce the size of your client list whilst still filling your calendar. It’s our belief at New Vision B2B lead generation agency that by bringing you a consistent and reliable source of leads, you can take your foot off the gas a little when it comes to spending on other forms of advertising such as in-print advert space and content creation.

As one of the main lead generation providers in Essex, we know how important it is to you to have affordable, effective and efficient leads. That’s why, for each client, we will always analyse all the available sales processes, sales strategies and sales cycles to maximise your adspend and bring you the most cost-effective results.

For some clients, we bring them hot leads through LinkedIn, for some it’s Google PPC (Pay per click). For others, we will even do face to face (F2F) campaigns on high streets across Essex or telephone-based campaigns for B2B business development leads.

Rest assured, we will propose solutions for your inbound marketing strategy that we predict to have the most results with the least spend. You can then choose how you would like to proceed. We have no minimum contract lengths, we believe you should be free to chose if you want to work with us based on our results, not tie-ins. That’s why all our lead generation offers are based on rolling monthly contracts for your peace of mind.

How does our Essex Lead Generation Agency Operate?

At New Vision Marketing, we have the skills to be able to produce a B2B or B2C lead generation campaign for marketing leads and business leads to suit almost any budget.

Our lead generation services contain 5 main elements, all of which can be used individually for good results or combined to produce the best results.

We’re proud to offer the current services under our standardised PPC (Pay per click) lead generation service:

1. Landing Page Creation/Management.
2. Paid Social Media or Google Adverts.

Other B2B and B2C lead generation approaches include:
3. Linkedin
4. Telesales
5. Face to Face canvassing on high streets

With years of experience in B2B lead generation, we will look into your market segment then decide on the best techniques to use to bring you in more customers. Some of the services which we provide include email marketing, B2B telemarketing, traditional ads, social media adverts, online marketing, and offline marketing. We combine a number of different above strategies and lots of market research to achieve the best possible results for you.

Our team of lead generation providers in Essex are more than happy to offer you more information on our B2B lead generation services. Feel free to drop us a call on 07873 609 310 or visit our office on Robjohns Road, Chelmsford and one of the team will assist.

If you’d rather leave your details, just fill in our enquiry form at the bottom of the page and a member of our inbound marketing team will provide all the details you need to take the next step in developing your sales process, sales strategy and sales cycle.

At New Vision Marketing, all of our lead generation campaigns are:

GDPR 2018 Compliant

We take every precaution available to ensure our lead generation campaigns, and subsequently the data we provide to our clients are fully GDPR compliant; both in the procedure the details are collected (being completely necessary and relevant) and also in the data storage stage. We will ensure none of your leads are sold or provided to any other third party or subcontractor. It is of utmost importance to New Vision Marketing that the leads we provide are of the best quality as this ensures the continued success of our clients and ourselves.

In-line with your budget

We ensure that your ad spend or lead-gen budget is capped. We will never overspend or increase budgets without your explicit permission. It is our aim to fill spare capacity in your business, and once this is filled we can turn off the ‘lead tap’ so that you aren’t paying for leads that your business physically can’t process or manage. With New Vision,  you’ll never overspend!

Bespoke to your Business, not your sector.

Our lead generation agency builds all of our lead generation models from scratch. Whether you need a telesales script, Google Ad or an additional salesperson on the road, we will work with your business to create a custom pitch that will tug on your audience's conscience and encourage them to start the conversation with yourselves. Each campaign is tailor-made without the use of templates and will be revised constantly as the campaign progresses for more cost-efficient inbound marketing results.

Engaging for Your Audience.

If we don’t get your target audience, how can we appeal to them? Our main goal when completing lead generation campaigns for you is to engage your audiences. There is so much noise in the advertising world now, we want to cut through the noise and produce a memorable and original signal for your brand that will be remembered by your prospects.

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convert old leads
We have 7 seconds to make a great first impression. Our team does that in 2! We treat every brand we work with like it's our own.
uncover new opportunities
The brands we represent need customers more than ever. We have an excellent team with the ability to deliver those customers.
LinkedIn appointment setting
We grow your connections and credibility to increase your exposure on the world’s largest B2B Platform. We have a proven track record of increasing connections, forming engaged groups and generating leads through private messages.
approved contractor expansion
The Clients we represent need long term committed customers. Our team go above and beyond to ensure this is achieved.
face to face selling
We cater the campaigns to the Clients we are representing with an open mind and are adaptable in all routes to market.
personal development
Developing new skills is a huge part of our agenda. Skill sharing and networking with industry experts is the only way to acquire those skills.

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